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shnel living room 2018 interior product design wall covering shelves reception cabinets
shnel kinderzimmer möbel ladenbau inneneinrichtung mit schränken dekoriert
shnel wardrobe bar interior design horeca retail fitting with shelves decorated
the shnel system


‘shnel’ is a coinage made up of the words ‘shell’, ‘cell’ and the German word ‘schnell’ (quick).

The shnel system is a modular and variable space utilization and decoration system and an entirely novel species in the world of interior design.

It is an innovative composition of wall covering, wall-mounted modular furniture and home furnishings such as lights, pictures, hooks, etc.

This one-of-a-kind fusion not only provides a quick and creative interior solution, but also offers a virtually endless variety of options, always leaving the possibility of free and easy rearrangement.


Customisable design

Configure your room in line with your personal taste and requirements.


Save time and money.
Minimal installation effort.


Combine shnel with other home furnishings.

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We have been friends since the age of 16. Among other things, we spend a lot of time planning and implementing our ideas.

We try not to limit ourselves in the design process; we let the design develop freely and we work whenever inspiration strikes. Our ideas for the design and function of the pieces change and develop in the course of the creative process.
We use a great variety of different materials and processing methods to keep the range of variants as broad as possible.