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We have been friends since the age of 16. Amongst other things, we spend a lot of time planning and implementing our ideas.

We try not to limit ourselves in the design process; we let the design develop freely and we work whenever inspiration strikes. Our ideas for the design and function of the pieces change and develop in the course of the creative process.
We use a great variety of different materials and processing methods to keep the range of variants as broad as possible.

In our early days (from 2011), we did not have enough money to buy material, so we were forced to use what we had to create our pieces: stuff that we found or collected somewhere or that our friends/relatives brought us. This phase inspired our name “BROKE DESIGN”.

shnel system – origin of the idea

Plastering walls is one of those interior design tasks that we don’t enjoy at all. When this topic came up again, we talked about various alternative ways of covering walls. The solutions we knew were relatively expensive, difficult to mount and/or not at all flexible. However, we not only wanted to avoid the plastering work and the resulting dirt, but also cover walls quickly without any waiting times (e.g. drying time). After coming up with the ideas of “simply gluing on wooden panels” and “using a fast-mounting substructure as a base”, we ended up with “why not Velcro-fasten it to be removable at any time?”. The approach was thus found and it was now time to implement it, which involved a great deal of testing and trying.

We pretty quickly discovered further advantages of the removable wall panels, in particular for decoration purposes and renovation work on damaged walls that needed to be patched up. We then went on to improve the function of the wall covering, firstly by using appropriate materials and secondly by adding functional elements, such as lights, shelves, hooks, etc.
We were pleased to have gained many new experiences and insights during this creative test phase.

shnel is lively like art

We break the mould.

Just like with art, each one of us perceives and understands the shnel system in their own ways. The personal perspective is shaped, among other things, by experiences, views and needs. Hence, art leaves room for creativity and interpretation. The shnel system offers a comparable level of freedom. The wall design can be recreated to the heart’s content in line with the specific requirements. The shnel system is designed to give people more “creative freedom”.

shnel sets no limits.

Everyone is expected to use the shnel system as they like. A combination may seem impractical or unsightly. However, an existing design and functional arrangement can be changed quickly and easily through interaction with the system, making it possible to create something entirely new out of the same resources (existing elements) according to personal preferences. Moreover, everyone can add a personal touch to their shnel creations. The huge variety and effortless handling leave plenty of room for creativity and encourages DIY projects.

shnel is unique.

It is no conventional wall covering, but not a piece of furniture either. The shnel system is matchless. Our video and photo contributions on Instagram and in other social media are designed to illustrate this distinctive feature. Our creations are to give you an insight into the shnel universe and its unlimited flexibility.