The following pictures all show prototypes. In series production, individual parts, especially the materials, will deviate from the prototype.
The shnel system


‘shnel’ is a coinage made up of the words ‘shell’, ‘cell’ and the German word ‘schnell’ (quick).

The shnel system is a modular and variable space utilization and decoration system and an entirely novel species in the world of interior design. It is an innovative composition of wall covering, wall-mounted modular furniture and home furnishings such as lights, pictures, hooks, etc. This one-of-a-kind fusion not only provides a quick and creative interior solution, but also offers a virtually endless variety of options, always leaving the possibility of free and easy rearrangement.

The shnel system consists of a single sophisticated substructure, the Klettskelett ©, which can be quickly and easily mounted on the wall. Using one and the same Velcro framework Klettskelett ©, a wide range of elements can be attached and combined with each other. The elements are incomparably easy and quick to install without any tools. For example, a single wall can be equipped with panels of different sizes, shapes, thicknesses and materials as well as functional elements such as lights, shelves, drawer modules, etc. The combination can be rearranged, extended and even reversed at any time.

In addition, some or all elements of the shnel system can be easily removed without any damage to be subsequently used elsewhere. You can take the shnel system with you when you move house, resell or swap it, so it retains its value in the long term. This, in turn, contributes to saving costs and protecting the environment.

When combined with other home furnishings, shnel quickly forms a symbiosis. The elements of the shnel system allow for adapting, complementing and even upgrading the interior.

Universal adaptability to the room’s features and compatibility with other home furnishings.

Unique combinations and versatility of the individual components.

“Just create!” is more than a slogan. It is our vision – creating your own wall design and being able to adapt it individually at any time.

shnel living room 2018 interior product design wall covering shelves reception cabinets
shnel kinderzimmer möbel ladenbau inneneinrichtung mit schränken dekoriert
shnel wardrobe bar interior design horeca retail fitting with shelves decorated
Customisable design

Configure your room in line with your personal taste and requirements.

With a few basic elements, the shnel system offers a sheer endless variety of options.

The finished combination can be rearranged, extended and even reversed at any time.

The interior can be easily adapted, complemented or upgraded with elements of the shnel range.

shnel always fits!


Save time and money.

Mounting and renovation require relatively little effort and do not involve any waiting times (e.g. drying time). Why wait?!

The furniture elements are part of the wall covering and vice versa. Why pay for both?!

shnel is always a “customized solution” for a “standard price”. Why bother with expensive custom-made products?!

You can take all or parts of the shnel system with you when you move house, resell or swap it.

shnel fits everywhere!


Combine shnel with other home furnishings.

Our life is full of changes. The living or working space changes with every new flat, every new partner, every new family member and even with every new piece of furniture.

The shnel system can be transformed and harmonises space utilisation with design and function.

Timeless in design and use.

shnel suits to everything!



shnel is lively like art


We break the mould.

Just like with art, each one of us perceives and understands the shnel system in their own ways. The personal perspective is shaped, among other things, by experiences, views and needs. Hence, art leaves room for creativity and interpretation. The shnel system offers a comparable level of freedom. The wall design can be recreated to the heart’s content in line with the specific requirements. The shnel system is designed to give people more “creative freedom”.

shnel sets no limits.

Everyone is expected to use the shnel system as they like. A combination may seem impractical or unsightly. However, an existing design and functional arrangement can be changed quickly and easily through interaction with the system, making it possible to create something entirely new out of the same resources (existing elements) according to personal preferences. Moreover, everyone can add a personal touch to their shnel creations. The huge variety and effortless handling leave plenty of room for creativity and encourages DIY projects.

shnel is unique.

It is no conventional wall covering, but not a piece of furniture either. The shnel system is matchless. Our video and photo contributions on Instagram and in other social media are designed to illustrate this distinctive feature. Our creations are to give you an insight into the shnel universe and its unlimited flexibility.

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